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Oehlbach Banana Pin-B3 (3009)

300 Oehlbach Banana Pin-B3 (3009)

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Oehlbach Banana Pin-B3 (3009)

Compacte niet geïsoleerde vergulde banaanstekker

Uitermate geschikt voor aansluiting op de speakerterminals van versterkers.

Banana Pin-B3
Banana connector for loudspeaker cables

Banana connectors for assembling loudspeaker cables. The connector guarantees good contact
to loudspeaker terminals and electronic components, e.g. AV receivers and amplifiers. Which
ensures stable and good transmission qualities in all situations. The plug contacts are plated
with 24-carat gold and the cable feed may be executed at the plug up to cable cross-sections of
4 mm².

 24 ct gold plated plug
 Up to 4 mm² cable cross-section
 Reliable contact
 Solid full-metal plug

Technical Data
Suitable for cable crosssections
1.5 mm² bis 4.0 mm²
Plug type Straight

Oehlbach Banana Pin-B3 (3009)