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Oehlbach XXL Banana (3030)

320 Oehlbach XXL Banana (3030)

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Oehlbach XXL Fusion Banana (3030)

High-End vergulde en geïsoleerde banaanstekker

Aanbevolen voor OFC 6,0 mm² 

Geschikt voor speaker- en versterkerterminals

XXL® Fusion Banana
High-End-Banana connector for loudspeakers

Premium banana connectors for assembling the innovative Oehlbach FUSION loudspeaker cable
or comparable high-quality loudspeaker cables. The plugs enable optimum and convenient
connection of speaker cables to speakers and electronic components, such as AV receivers and
amplifiers. The particularly innovative double screw connection means that reliable contact and
outstanding transmission qualities are guaranteed in any situation with this very high-quality
Oehlbach connector. The potential for undesirable short circuits is effectively eliminated by the
solid completely insulated body. The plug contacts have been plated with 24-carat gold and the
cable feed is suitable for conductor diameters of up to 6.0 mm².

 Solid full-metal plug
 24 ct gold plated plug
 Perfect protection against corrosion
 Reliable contact
 Up to 6 mm² cable cross-section

Technical Data
Suitable for cable diameters Up to 6.0 mm
Plug design Metal plug with plastic sleeve
Plug type Straight
Jack C7 small-device coupling
Connection technique schrauben

Oehlbach XXL Banana (3030)